Terms and conditions

No return, No exchange, unless shipping error occurs, errors such as, mistaken product volume, quantity or specification.

MonCorp.biz best practice: We never send products with broken seal because products such as "food supplements" are edible/taken orally! That's a strict policy and we will never replace any items sent back to us with that condition.

Deformed or Dented packaging: Moncorp.biz cant control/see how the courier handles packages during transportation. In that case we can not guaranty that the product packaging will arrive 100% free from deformation. To prevent box deformation, we are providing secondary packaging such as box or plastic as precautionary method to avoid shipping damages.

30 days money back: we dont implement money back guarantees due to charge back abusers. What we can only refund are those mistaken transactions shipped or billed on the wrong address or person! Though we have automated shipping and billing information and payment processing system, we are still handling and forwarding the products to the couriers manually, of course because we are independent human distributors!


Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.



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